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How To Travel Like A Pro

how to tarvel like a pro

I’ve had the pleasure to travel for many years and after much trial and error, I think I have finally figured out How To Travel Like a Pro. It doesn’t matter if  you travel domestically or internationally the formula never really changes. However you do have to take into consideration the amount of days you will be away from home, whether its work or pleasure and the climate. If you are in the process of getting ready to take a business trip or that much needed vacation, take a look at these Savvy Travel and Packing Tips to help you take the frustration out of preparing for your next getaway.

Savvy Travel and Packing Tips:

Plan your wardrobe:

Always plan your wardrobe before you pack. The worse feeling is to get to your destination and find out that your outfit doesn’t fit. I also recommend bringing items to layer… in some environments it can be warm and sunny during the day, yet cool & windy at night.

Bring zip lock bags:

I don’t know about you but I have forgotten to pack some of my liquids in my large suitcase and when I went through security I almost cried as I watched the the TSA agent smile as they took items out of my bag. Now I always keep extra zip lock bags with me in a few different sizes to make sure this never happens again.

Bring an “Overflow Bag”:

I call it an overflow bag because after I leave my destination, somehow I always end up with more stuff than what I originally packed. Keeping an extra bag with you can help you avoid extra charges for overweight bags.

Stay fresh

Ladies, even if its not your time of the month it’s always a good idea to keep some feminine products with you. Traveling to your destination can literally take all day and nothing beats the feeling of being fresh. So make sure you pack feminine products like Carefree Acti-Fresh panty liners and cleansing wipes.

On board kit


My onboard kit usually consists of 4 items and helps me to have a relaxing flight.

Headphones: to listen to music, watch movies or when I just don’t feel like talking to my neighbor.

Lip balm: I’m usually makeup-free or I’ll put on a little mascara, concealer and blush. However the only thing I put on my lips is “eos LipBalm” to keep them hydrated & moisturized.

Eye shades: I never leave home without my “Do Not Disturb” eyeshades. When these go on, everyone around me instantly gets the hint that I don’t want to be bothered at this time. And plus these are perfect to block out the sun, when your neighbor by the window wants to keep the shade up the entire time you’re on the flight…even when it’s over 10 hours!

Breath mints:

We all get dry mouth on the plane because your mouth is closed most of the time & you’re breathing dry recycled air. After I wake up, I always make sure I grab an Altoid before I decide to have a conversation with anyone I’m sitting next to.

I have enjoyed every place I have traveled to over the years and I hope these tips will help you prepare for your next trip and show you how to truly travel & pack like a pro. Take a look at this video with more travel & packing tips by Lara Eurdolian from Pretty Connected to prepare you for your next adventure.


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