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Thieves Crash U-haul into Beauty Supply Store Window to Steal Hair Weave in Atlanta

Now, what would make someone rent a U-haul truck and slam it into the window of a beauty supply store? According to the surveillance footage given to police officers in Atlanta from J&J Beauty Supply, thieves broke into their store to steal hair weave. This is the second time in a week that someone has used a truck to crash a beauty supply store window to steal high-priced hair extensions.

The Atlanta police told AJC,

“The owner is assessing how much was stolen and the damage, It looks like the damage is far more extensive than what was taken.”

The owner, Joy Kim said the value of the hair stolen was about $2000, which is the same amount taken from a robbery last Thursday at the Beauty Depot in Atlanta.

Now I understand that hair weave is a billion dollar business, and you can find plenty of customers looking for a bag of virgin Indian hair in 22 inches everywhere you look, but is it worth committing a crime for?

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