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Embracing Gorgeous Grey Hair Over 50, Prematurely and on Purpose…like Rihanna!

gray hairstyles over 50, prematrue, on purpose rihanna

When I think of grey hair usually I think of my grandmother and wisdom. But the other day I found out that I have a few grey hairs myself and I was actually stunned for a moment. (I don’t know why, I am 41) I have always thought of grey hair as a sign of getting older, but now I know the truth. Yes, it’s true many women are grey because of age but what a genetics, stress and those who go grey on purpose.

grey hair renee davis

While admiring my new strands, I started visualizing myself with a head full of gorgeous grey hair in my 50’s and the fabulous model Renee Davis. She’s a stunning and sophisticated lady who can go toe to toe with women half her age any day. Just looking at her photos gave me hope and I started feeling much better about turning grey in my future. (hopefully 40 years from now)

grey hair renee davis

But after that, I thought about people I knew who started turning grey way before me and wondered how they felt since the perception is usually connected to old age. While looking for some tips on natural hair I came across lifestyle blogger Ty Alexander of After reading through a few posts I noticed that she had a beautiful head of grey hair, and I thought, “Wow this woman looks good for her age, whatever she’s doing, she should bottled it and sale it!” Then I clicked on her ‘About’ tab and realized she was much younger than I expected, she just went grey prematurely.

ty alexander gorgeous in grey

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When addressing her grey hair Ty said, About 60% of my hair in the front is grey and it’s been that way since my 20s. No I wasn’t born with grey hair and it’s not my birth mark. It hasn’t been a traumatizing experience for me to go grey either. Both my mother and father were grey at a young age. A few of my aunts are as well. So for me it was totally normal and I looked forward to it. If you are going grey prematurely make sure you stop by, you’ll find some great tips on how Ty embraces her natural hair.

rihanna grey hair

Photo via Rihanna’s Instagram

Some of the key reasons many women go grey is because of age and genetics, but what about the ladies who choose to go grey on purpose? According to RihannaGrey is the new Black! She wrote this as she unveiled her new hair color on Instagram last night and said, Blondies it’s quiet for y’all! #brr. While this particular shade can be obtained with hair color, I think the easiest way to go “grey on purpose” is to use hair extensions.

I know one day I will have a head full of grey hair and I when that time comes, I will accept it. But until that happens I will take notes from the women who are embracing their gorgeous grey hair over 50, prematurely and on purpose!




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