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Syleena Johnson – A Woman And Her Destiny


Syleena Johnson’s voice exudes soul, her sound puts her in a category of her own. As I spoke with this Savvy Sistah she explains how the entertainment industry has “thickened her skin” and “toughened” her up. She recalls first entering in this field being young, optimistic and impressionable wanting to be accepted, giving her all and caring about others perceptions of her. While the harsh realities of this fickle and critical business brought about many growing pains, and woes along with it came invaluable lessons, Syleena explains. She goes on to express being grateful to make it through those lessons and come out standing. That’s a great advice to keep in mind, we must weather some storms!

  From interviews to worldwide performances, there are many new and exciting things on the horizon for Syleena. She has recently released her new project, Chapter 5 Underrated. While speaking with her about this project she reveils that the title, was given by her fans. The meaning behind this chapter deals with the artist longevity in this industry despite negativity. So let’s learn Syleena’s lesson and note that no one determines our destiny and no one but self can stop it. Also, she adds that every project, which is named after a different chapter is a reflection of her life and tells a story. Not only that Syleena is an independent artist making these strides. Another example of how hard work and dedication pays off.

  Although Syleena was not at liberty to discuss the upcoming reality show “Diary of a Diva” in which she is cast. She did make clear that the artist Tweet is not a part of the show as speculated and that it would star herself along with Nicci Gilbert, KeKe Wyatt, Faith Evans and Monifah. This is going to be a great show stay posted for details!

  In parting Syleena had great words of advice for every woman in every profession or those pursuing their dreams and that was to, “Stay rooted. Family is key. Never lose the woman you are in your job or in any career. Love what you do but know when to take that hat off and enjoy the life God has blessed you to have!”

  You can purchase Syleena Johnson’s new project now on iTunes and in major outlets such as Walmart, FYE Music, and Best Buy to name a few. Follow her on Twitter, @Syleena_Johnson and on Facebook, Syleena Johnson Official. She will performing in the Chicagoland area November 10, 2011 at The Shrine, get your tickets in advance at