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Seven Savvy Ways to Know You’re Not Doing What you Love

Today, I posted a Savvy Quote to Instagram and what started off with me just sharing my words of wisdom for the day, turned into a post that helped change my life by giving me some clarity to the reasons I have decided to finally follow my heart.



I think one of the worse things in life is to wake up every morning and not truly love what you do! I know people who have worked on jobs for 30 years ( I’m sure we all do) and the only enjoyment they received from their position was the joy of putting food on the table for their family and paying bills. (which are so important!)

But with all of that, they dreaded getting up everyday for the majority of their life because they were not doing what they truly loved. Lately I’ve been back and forth with major decisions I have to make in my own life and I had to weigh the pros and cons about doing what truly makes me happy compared to the things I’m doing now and all I can say is thank God I finally have some direction for the next phase of my life.

While making my pros and cons list I stopped to see why I too was dreading getting up in the morning, I wanted to make sure I wasn’t just having an emotional moment but that I had reasons to back up my list. Before I knew it, I started writing down these seven ways to know you’re not doing what you love and my eyes began to finally open up after all these years.

Here are seven savvy ways to know you’re not doing what you love:

1. Money is the main motivator for getting up everyday.

2. You complain all day when you are on the job.

3. You get excited talking about what you would do if you were not there.

4. You’re always in fear of losing the job.

5. Your performance is mediocre, you could simply care less.

6. You see changes in your mood and health.

7. You talk negatively about your boss and company with colleagues.

Not only are these seven ways to help you realize you’re not living your true passion but they also relate to relationships as well. Just like you have the job in mind when you’re going through this list, put an individual in your mind as well. If you are doing any of these things you are not following your passion or you may even be in the wrong relationship. However, today you can take a few steps toward finding & following what you really are suppose to have and do in this life! You are going to be so happy when you do!