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The Savvy Seven Stylish White Shoes to Wear After Labor Day


Not wearing white shoes (or clothes) after Labor Day was a trend that was started many moons ago by some socialites and fashion magazines on the East coast. And still to this day, many people follow that rule to the tee. Being from the Midwest, I can understand the reasons for not wearing white shoes because of the cold winter months and all of the snow and muddy sidewalks; but that’s what boots and shovels are for. However, now I live on the West coast so I don’t have to worry about the snow and I’m a firm believer that you should at least try to create your own fashion rules with some guidance or tips from the trendsetters. With that being said, who cares if they say you can’t wear white after Labor, especially if the shoes you’re wearing look like these Seven Savvy showstoppers. Now, if you’re still not brave enough to wear bright white in your feet, look for shoes with accents like rose gold, lace and embellishments to slowly make the transition.

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