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New Season 2 Promo Pictures of “Tia & Tamera”, Plus a New Baby is on the Way

I really enjoyed the first season of Tia & Tamera on the STYLE network and these promo photos have me anticipating the new season coming on June 11.

Here’s a synopsis of Season 2 released by the STYLE Network,

As they face the realities of motherhood and matrimony, Tia and Tamera lean heavily on each other to lighten the difficult moments with comedic insight and advice and to share their worries and fears.”

 The new season on “Tia & Tamera” will premiere on the STYLE network, June 11 at 8pm (EST).

Congratulations to Tamera and her husband Adam Housley who are expecting their first child in November. Tamera released a statement and said,

“Adam and I are excited about having a baby and the blessing that he or she will bring to our lives and to our family and friends. We can’t wait to meet this little miracle!

I guess their going to be coming back for another season.