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Savvy Quote: “You Are Not Only Responsible For What You Say…

you are not responsible for what you say

Last night I was thinking about all the negative images I see in media in regards to women of color and it bothers me so bad. Just think we’re rooting for Sistahs being the “side chick” of powerful men, strippers are more popular than fashion models, and reality stars are becoming the face of Black women. I’m upset more at myself because for 5 years I have had a platform with TheSavvySistah to promote, celebrate and encourage women of color and I have not put my all into it. I have silenced myself on purpose! Right then I realized, not only am I responsible for what I say, but also for what I don’t say! We all have a voice and if we’re sick and tired of the negative images we see it’s time to say & do something about it! ~Savvy