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Last night, I was preparing to go out for the evening. Right after finishing my hair, make up and putting on my dress and shoes…(of course of was looking & feeling good. 🙂 I get a text from a friend that something happened and they had to cancel. Yes, I was upset so I started looking for somewhere else to go…I didn’t want to let this effort go to waste. ( ha ha) After about 10 minutes I changed my mind and plus I didn’t know the weather was a little bad. So, I got dressed for bed and started watching a TV show a friend recommended ( Forensics Files…good show) and before I knew it I went to sleep. I haven’t slept that good in months and I needed it so bad. So with all of this I wanted to say…that in life you may have plans set and sometimes they may not go as you wish..but if you step back and find some peace, you’ll realize it was all for a reason and in the end you’ll get something you really wanted or needed! Have a great day everyone ~Savvy????