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Savvy Quote: Good Things Happen When You Distance Yourself…

good things happen when you distance yourself

Savvy Quote of the Day!

Do you want GOOD things to start happening in your life?? Distance yourself from NEGATIVE people!!! Trust me…it works!

Over the years I have always tried my hardest to see the good in people and give them the benefit of the doubt. I would trust them with my deepest dreams and goals and I honestly  believed that the same way I encouraged them about their future, that they would do the same for me. NOT!!!! Usually I wasn’t faced with words of encouragement but phrases of negativity and doubt which eventually lead to jealousy. If they weren’t in the spotlight or seeing their dreams come true, the best they could do was tear me down and try to steal the destiny that God prepared for me. Eventually, I caught on to the negative seeds they were trying to plant in my life, and after I uprooted them I was able to enjoy a harvest of positivity.

Don’t be afraid to remove negative and toxic people from your life! You deserve to have a healthy relationships!

Be Blessed & Stay Savvy!