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Savvy Quote: “Enjoy Your Own Life…


Good morning! Have you ever looked at someone’s Facebook & Instagram page and thought, “Wow, they are living the good life! If I had more money, went to the best plastic surgeons, could afford designer shoes & clothes, got my hair & nails done, lost a few pounds, learned how to put on make-up and was able to travel, then I could be happy just like them!” Let me tell you one thing…all that glitters isn’t gold! You’ll never know what your life could be like if you keep comparing yours to other people! So today, make up in your mind that regardless of what you see other people doing, you will love and appreciate who you are and learn to Enjoy your own life! ~Savvy???? #savvyquote #love #instaquote #SavvySays #quotes #lifequotes #empowerment #encouragement #positive #quoteoftheday