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Savvy Car Update: The 2008 CTS

I have found it really strange that some people still think that women don’t know about cars. But it’s not like it was 30 years ago. Today women are the primary decision makers in the home and with more ladies going to college, starting their own businesses and even moving up the ranks in corporate america… we can buy our own cars.
So let’s talk about cars, and you know the kind I’m talking about, you know the one’s that cause you to do a double take when someone races past you or make you want to get dressed up when you go out for a drive even if it’s right down the street.
I have had the pleasure to work as a presenter for Cadillac for the North American Auto Show circuit for three years and I am constantly amazed at the product line that Cadillac is putting on the road today. Cadillac has a 100 year history and was the car that signified that you have “arrived”. The new 2008 CTS is stylish, advanced and affordable. It starts at $32,990 and will max out in the low to mid 40’s. It’s available in a V6 engine with a choice of AWD or RWD with automatic or manual transmission. You can enjoy features like heated and cooled seats, voice activated DVD navigation system, heated windshield washer fluid and the list goes on. If you want to be seen in one of the best looking and technological advanced cars of the season, make sure you go to

Cadillac 2008 CTS & Escalade Presentation