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Patricia Quist-Therson : Owner & Designer of Quistt Dezign

Profile: Patricia Quist-Therson
Title: Owner & Designer of Quistt Dezign
Website: Quistt Dezign
Facebook: Quistt Dezign

Savvy Sistah Patricia Quist-Therson, a native Ghanaian studied Architecture at New Jersey Institute of Technology and moved to Memphis, Tn in 2007. The urge to design clutch purses emerged when she started working on interior design projects. She had a lot of samples from upholstery fabrics, vinyl wall-coverings to laminate samples. Not wanting any to go to waste, she began to think of innovative ways to creating unique pieces with the samples instead of it being sent to the land fills. She started exploring ways of reusing the upholstery fabrics and as a result, gave birth to Quistt Dezign. All of the items are handmade, with a piece of her heart in it and content 50%-80% recyclable material.

Patricia has taken her gift & talent for design and eye for textiles to create a stylish and chic collection of designer clutch purses.

What inspired you to start designing your own line of clutch purses?

I am Architect by profession, working on interior design projects. The nature of my work allows me to explore ways of incorporating color and texture in a given space. Most of the material samples selected are unique to each project, what is left then becomes waste. Since the world is going GREEN, I started thinking of innovative ways of creating unique pieces, and as a result of that, Quistt Designs emerged. I started exploring how to use samples of upholstery fabrics into making clutch purses and other design forms like earrings, necklaces etc.

 How do you incorporate your Ghanaian roots into your designs?

I draw inspiration from the Kente cloth, an elegant piece of Ghanaian culture crafted with vibrant colors and artist expressions. This is clearly translated in my use of color and fabric.

You’re designing purses now; do you have any plans to expand your line into other markets?

 Well it’s funny you should ask, am actually in the middle of coming out with a clothing line and jewelry collection in spring 2012, God willing.

What lessons have you learned since starting your business?

It’s very challenging, sometimes you even doubt yourself. But what keeps me motivated is that, the people who have made it are not afraid of failure. Business demands risks and big risks yield great results. Learn from criticism and use the positive to improve yourself.

 What advice would you give to other women who have a desire to start a business?

Well I would say first, buy yourself a nice notepad and begin to jot down all your thoughts, start researching and looking for people who have gone on that path and have made it. Once you have the background work down, just DIVE into it with a leap of faith.


Why are you a Savvy Sistah?

I am confident and self-motivated, and go after what I set my mind to do with the help of God. I don’t see an attempt that does not work as a failure….it means that having a different approach next time will yield different results.

Patricia Quist-Therson is an innovative & creative designer and the Savvy Sistah in the Spotlight.