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My Prayers Go Out to the ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Moviegoers in Colorado

What is really going in this world today? I’m still speechless about the shooting that took place at the movie theater in Aurora, Colorado that took the lives of 12 and injured 50 people this morning. These people weren’t doing anything but trying to enjoy a movie.

According to the LA Times, 

Witnesses described a chaotic scene, telling television reporters that they were overcome by noxious gas unleashed by the suspect just before he started shooting, and that they had to decide between staying on the ground, helping wounded victims or running away before the gunman was able to reload his weapon. Survivors said they were forced to run past bodies in the aisles and theater.

 Something must be done and now! Who wants to live in a world where you can’t watch a movie , walk to school or even sit in your front yard without losing your life to gun violence.

We need to pray non-stop until we see change in this world and get the murders who keep bring the guns into our communities.