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I Misplaced It: Says Mega Millions Winner Mirlande Wilson about Lottery Ticket


How do you “misplace” a ticket worth millions? Ever since the numbers were announced for the Mega Millions lottery, there has been much controversy swirling around Mirlande Wilson, one of the self-proclaimed winners.

First she announced that although she and her McDonald’s co-workers had a lottery pool, the ticket with the winning numbers belonged solely to her and now…she can’t find the ticket.

When NBC Washington’s Shomari Stone asked Wilson questions about claiming her share of the millions, she said “if I find it.” Stone wanted to clarify that she heard Wilson correctly and asked her about the whereabouts of the winning lottery ticket and her response was, “I misplaced it.”

For now Wilson’s new attorney Edward Smith Jr. wants the press to leave his client alone and said, “That’s really it … to ask you to go back to your places.”

Something is just not right about this whole situation and how many “lottery losers” do you know hire attorneys? She has until September 28 to turn in the ticket, so Mirlande better start looking or she’s going to have to ask for her job back at McDonalds!