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Mane Monday : Pulled Back & Away From the Face…the Pretty Ponytail

Sleek, long, curly, wavy, braided, or banded the ponytail is a universal hairstyle. It works well with all textures and if you desire to have one swinging down your back, you can just go by one. The ponytail is so versatile that you can wear it in the morning to the health club or in the evening to a black tie affair. Now even though the ponytail is a fabulous and quick hairstyle, it can also work against you without proper maintenance. First of all, do not pull your ponytail so tight that you look like you just had a botox injection. Next use covered rubber bands, to avoid ripping your hair out. Finally, do not wear the ponytail in the same place for an extended period of time, try other positions on your head. (and please stay away from the side ponytail, you know the one that looks like there’s a horn growing out of your scalp:-)

Here are some of my favorite pretty ponytails.