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Lutonya M. Lang : Media Personality & Founder of Industry BuzzZ

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Occupation: Media Personality & Founder of Industry BuzzZ
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Lutonya M. Lang is a media personality & founder of Industry BuzzZ, an “Inspirational Media Outlet where you can market your vision, expand and connect it to your target audience”. I met Lutonya through Facebook in 2009 and was instantly connected to her because of her drive and determination to bring some integrity back to our media today. Later that year I went to her annual “Inspire Our Youth” event and I saw first hand her passion for creating inspirational and positive avenues that would help change the negative image of media in the eyes our youth and everyone she came in contact with.

Right in the basement of her mentor’s home in March of 2008 the on-line magazine, “ Your Source for Inspirational News & Entertainment” was born. This inspirational platform speaks to the hearts of its inspirational supporters while “Bringing Integrity Back To Media” through their Online EZine, Award Winning Online Radio Show, (Inspirational News On The Go), (Teen Edition), Online Television Show, Social Media Network, (Marketing & Promotions Company), (Business Network),Two Clothing Lines and more.

Industry BuzzZ is insightful, informative and spreads a wealth of entertainment news and provides to over 2 million visionaries a great source of added exposure through its Social Media Network. Lutonya believes it is important to be informed about world news while maximizing the positive things God is doing for His people. When the positive things are maximized the negative things will minimize.

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What inspired you to create Industry BuzzZ?

My pastors would ask me to do things in the church, however because they were my parents as well, I didn’t know how to separate them as my spiritual leaders. I remember saying NO to everything they asked me to do although I knew I had been blessed with the abilities and talents to be a great help to them. One day I was sitting down and God spoke to me as plain as day, He said, “When you tell them NO you are telling ME NO”. At that point I began to develop a personal relationship with God. I began to do everything my pastors asked of me with the right spirit. One service my pastor got up and said “I dare anyone to match my offering”. My account had a negative balance at the time and everything I gained was gone, so I said “I will do it pastor, I will Do It”! Before I left out of the church, God restored me in all the areas that were lacking in my life.

I remember having a conversation one day with God about the blueprint He had for me. At that point, I already had a marketing company, but I was thinking about doing something in media. The next day in the basement of my mentors home she said, “Lutonya why don’t you start a newsletter about your upcoming events, favorites things, hobbies etc..” At that very moment the Lord gave me the name IndustryBuzzZ and it brings us to this point today. The act of obedience is far more life changing then the act of disobedience to God’s voice. So I always say, “God I thank you for an ear to hear, a heart to receive and a mind to trust and obey you”.

What is Industry BuzzZ doing to “bring integrity back to media?”

We highlight the positive things that go on in the community & provoke change. The great thing about what we do is, we share the stories and the voices on Media Network. They are the ones that are “Bringing Integrity Back to Media” when they post their upcoming events, blog about their favorite things, post their videos and network with other IBuzzZers. The site was created around the inspirational voice. So every time I go to an event, host our radio and television show, column in NDigo Maga Newspaper, or update the Media site, it is created around the voices that inspire to make change in our communities. So we cannot accomplish our mission without the people that join us and allow us to support their voices through or media network.

Where do you see Industry BuzzZ in the next five years?

In the next 5 years I see IndustryBuzzZ giving people a voice through our radio, television and media network. In the next five years I want each person who connects to IndustryBuzzZ to know they have the POWER to change the face of Media. Our site is connected to myspace, facebook, twitter, your email and other affiliate sites, so with just with one post, one click, one forward, you as the supporter of inspirational media, now have taken that POWER to change how people view media and how we view ourselves. I want people to come to the site knowing that they have the support they need to share, inspire, provoke change and enhance the lives of people all over the world. I want our logo to stand for Integrity & when you post the logo next to the facebook, twitter or myspace logos on your website it will show that you support inspirational media.

What advice would you give a Savvy Sistah who wanted start a career or business in media?

As my pastor Jeffrey M. Lang, Sr. always tells us “Keep Moving, Keep God as a Focus, Use the Word as Application & Everything Will Line Up.” Don’t allow yourself to give up on your vision. God gave it to you because He could trust you with it & He will provide for it. Now hold on and don’t give up. When it looks dim don’t allow yourself to lose focus. Stay focused and remember that everything you go through as a business owner is designed to perfect you and sharpen you in the areas that are necessary. You are made for this. You can do this. You can handle this. Trust yourself but most of all Trust GOD.

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Lutonya M. Lang is “Bringing Integrity Back to Media” and that’s why she’s the Savvy Sistah of the Week!