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Lauren B Beauty Introduces 8 New Fall Colors

Lauren B Beauty 2015 Fall Collection

(from L-R: Rose Bowl, Espresso on Third, Rose’ on Robertson, Griffith Glaze, Santa Monic Shutters, Silverlake Speakeasy, Ivy at the Shore, Hancock Park)

If you can’t make it to Los Angeles this Fall to see the beautiful mountains, palm trees and feel the cool ocean breeze, don’t worry because Lauren B Beauty introduces 8 new Fall colors for your nails that will definitely put you in the LA mood.

These luxurious nail polishes are inspired by the beauty of LA and the new collection consists of a range of sexy jewel tones and rich earthy shades with names like Hancock Park (deep iris purple), Santa Monica Shutters (shell-white tone) and Rose Bowl (violet pink).

The nail polishes are long lasting like a gel manicure and are glossy, fast-drying and long-wearing.

Price: 18.00

Where to buy:

Available: August 21, 2015