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How To Transform a Stressful Work Environment into a Fun Happy Hour With Bud Light Lime Ritas


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Working on ideas for new TV projects can be stressful at times, and today I hit a brick wall and needed a brainstorming session with a few friends. It was a great idea because one of my friends Rolandos is an actor and Constantionos is a director so they were able to offer the creative input I so desperately needed to move forward. After working a few hours and feeling a little accomplished it was time to put everything away and change the mood for a moment from work to play. We changed a somewhat stressful environment into a ‘Fiesta Forever” happy hour with music, guacamole & chips and cold Bud Light


Bud Light Lime Ritas come in five tasty flavors and I recommend serving this “Margarita with a Twist” over ice. After moving our work session from the conference table to the lounge area we had our own ” Rita Hour” and tried the Straw-Ber-Rita, Lime- A-Rita and Mang- O-Rita. You can taste a harmonious blend of the beer and the sweet margarita flavors of lime, strawberry and mango in each sip. Since we were in a conference/ lounge room working we decided to drink our Bud Light Lime Ritas in the can but you can also make a nice cocktail by serving it over ice.



The Bud Light Lime Ritas come in a box that’s easy to carry with 12 cans which is perfect for a spontaneous work session or summer get-together. That’s the one thing I enjoyed about the Bud Light Lime Rita, everything you needed was in one can; you didn’t need to bring anything else. So when you need a little break and a mood changer, grab a few friends, some Bud Light Lime Ritas and enjoy a Fiesta Forever happy hour anytime.

The Bud Light Lime Ritas are so delicious that wherever they go a party spontaneously happens.


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