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Dominique Paramore: Editor-in-Chief of VESSELVIBE Magazine

Profile: Dominique Paramore
Title: Editor-in-Chief of VESSELVIBE Magazine

Dominique Paramore is a multi-talented Savvy Sistah who wears many hats and does it with style & class. Not only is she the CEO & Editor-in-Chief of VESSELVIBE Magazine, but she is an accomplished actress, playwright, screenwriter, and spokenword artist. Although Dominique is running a very successful entertainment, production, & publishing company and balancing her acting career she still finds time to give back to the community. In July, she launched the National Youth Empowerment Community (YEC) Tour in Cleveland, which is an event geared towards at-risk young men and women, and created to inspire today’s youth to Make EVERY Way A RUNWAY to showcase both their inner and outer beauty! Dominique is a CEO, Editor-in-Chief, actress, humanitarian and the Savvy Sistah of the Week.

Tell me about VESSELVIBE Magazine, what inspired you to start it?

Inspiration is everywhere! It’s hard to attribute my passion for VESSELVIBE to just one thing. VESSELVIBE was created to balance the representation of urban culture in media. In 2007, when we launched, it was hard to find a media source that presented my lifestyle and the lifestyle of people like me (especially women.) I always refer to myself as a “Fabulous Nerd” and I believe VESSELVIBE speaks to and challenges the “Fabulous Nerd” in all of us. VESSELVIBE is the perfect blend of Faith, Fashion, Family, Inspiration, Positive Entertainment, and Relevant World News. we pride ourselves in Capturing the Brighter Side of Urban Culture all new everyday.

 Who is the VESSELVIBE reader?

The VESSELVIBE reader is sexy, confident, and simply…beautiful struggling through the complexities of our world. From dating to marriage to parenthood. From education to entrepreneurship to community development. From Faith to philanthropy to Love. Guided by our morals and knowledge of Truth, the VESSELVIBE reader is just trying to make sense of it all.

I look at VESSELVIBE as the ‘safehouse.’ The place (or VESSEL) were people who are interested in urban culture come from around the world to read and express opinions (or VIBE) with one another; in hopes that we become better and contribute to a better world. I want to form relationships with my readers. Not just entertain them, but learn from them, challenge them, and have them learn from me.

 How has your background prepared you to be the Editor in Chief of VESSELVIBE Magazine.

 I end each of my post with “Change The World, Madam President” and that’s honestly how I see myself. I am the leader of this revolution to produce stronger families, less violence, more hope, much better health, and tons more Love especially among minorities because we are the heart beat and will forever be the foundation of urban culture. Now, what in my background has prepared me to lead?

Everything! To mention a few…1) I’m an Actor. I was acting way before VESSELVIBE Magazine was ever a thought. Through acting I learned that I love to tell people’s stories. I’m addicted to it. I’m addicted to the process of using my physical being to communicate the emotion of a moment. Now VESSELVIBE gives me an outlet to do that through words.People are fascinating! and what’s funny is our stories are both uniquely ours yet relatable to others. In 4 years you publish a ton of interviews and that’s one thing I’ve found to be true; as people we are diverse but truly have more similarities than differences. Acting gave me the desire and tools to unify the speaker and the audience through our similarities and that has been key for us…

2)  My mother always encouraged me to gain knowledge and have an opinion. It became one of the major themes of my upbringing along with standing-up for myself which my dad always encourage me to do. Those principles combined create the foundation for a leader. Today’s youth need an outlet to escape the popular negativism that’s everywhere in media. So through VESSELVIBE that’s what I do and encourage my peers to do: gain knowledge, have an opinion, and defend it. This way there is an alternative thrown into popular urban media that’s positive that today’s youth can gravitate to.

Where do you see VESSELVIBE magazine in five years?

In five years I see VESSELVIBE still being Funky, Fly, Fresh, Chic, Fab, and Edgy. We’ll have more resources to do more for our readers and community like our YEC Tour that encourages at-risk youth to Make EVERY Way A RUNWAY to showcase their inner and outer beauty. Also more resources to empower women with programs like Project Hope which gives full fashion makeovers to cancer survivors in an effort to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We’re actually excited to be gearing up for Project Hope right now so if anyone wants to nominate a survivor for a makeover they can e-mail us at

What advice would you give to a Savvy Sistah who wanted to start her own magazine?

Wow, well first I would say remain fearless and never be afraid to pace yourself and take your journey one task at a time.The Bible reminds us in Phil: 4:6-7 “Be (anxious) for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” Rome wasn’t built in a day and chances are your vision won’t be either. Don’t be so ambitious that you wake up and spend all day trying to conquer the world by sunset. Instead, focus on the task at hand and enjoy the small steps to success. Don’t miss the beauty of the life you live trying to “succeed.”

Also, Eliminate the word failure from your vocabulary. Remember in all your attempts to succeed you will never fail, only reached the beginning of a new tactic. It’s like my younger brother Brad told me when we were kids. When we would argue about who will win a fight between the two of us. I would say “I’d beat you up, Brad” and he would say “No you won’t. You can’t because I’ll never stop fighting until I win.” Let that be your motto when attacking your goal. And lastly, (and this is very important) surround yourself with people that believe in you. They don’t always have to understand your vision or agree fully with all of your decision but make sure they believe in you and will support you through the good times and the bad times. Do this knowing that some of the people that you let into your heart will turn on you. You’ll learn some people you trusted will have never really cared for you at all. And when you experience this heartbreak (which is the worst kind of heartbreak)  YOU GOTTA KEEP IT MOVING.

Like my big brother Mike reminds me all the time “you can’t control people and you can’t worry about the things you can’t control.” Stay encouraged…Savvy Sistah Dominique Paramore