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Deida Massey: Celebrity Makeup Artist & Founder of Reel Beauty Inc.

Profile: Deida Massey
Title: Celebrity Makeup Artist & Founder of Reel Beauty Inc.
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Twitter:@deidamassey & @reelbeauty
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Deida Massey is the “Makeup Maven”, a professional makeup artist who she spends her days and nights making her clients look and feel beautiful. However before Deida decided to paint faces full-time she advocated for abused and neglected children as a paralegal for the Cook County Public Guardians office in Chicago and moonlighted as a makeup artist at night and on the weekends.

Although Deida had a very comfortable lifestyle and successful career in Chicago, she decided to take a leap of faith and relocated to Los Angeles in 2002. It was during that time period that she decided to bridge the gap between her passion for makeup artistry and helping young women to found Reel Beauty, Inc – an organization that assists at risk urban girls.

Deida’s makeup brushes have touched many famous faces but she said, “being one of nine celebrity makeup artists selected to work on Oprah Winfrey’s Legend’s Weekend in 2005 was the epitome of my career as an artist.”

Deida Massey is a celebrity makeup artist, founder & Executive Director of Reel Beauty, Inc and the Savvy Sistah in the Spotlight!

What inspired you to become a makeup artist and how many years have you been in the industry?

I was inspired to become a makeup artist when I received two training makeup books from my client, Juanita Jordan. One was from Sam Fine and the other was from Reggie Wells. When she gifted these two books to me, I felt there was a subliminal message for me to embark on the field of artistry. Later, I felt compelled to express myself creatively and becoming a makeup artist was a natural choice for me.

 You’re a celebrity makeup artist, what does it take to earn that title and who was your first celebrity client?

I believe a celebrity artist is an artist that is a celebrity in his or her own right. Often people feel if you have touched or applied makeup to celebrities this makes you a celebrity artist-it does not. You are the celebrity that one chooses because of your skill,personality, spirit and worth! Your gift paired with their talent makes you a celebrity makeup artist! My first celebrity client was Juanita Jordan.

You make people look beautiful for a living and you also teach young women about beauty & self esteem in the US & Africa through your charityReel Beauty, what motivated you to start this foundation for girls?

What motivated me to start this foundation for girls is, I realized how detrimental the messages in today’s music, culture and media portrayal were. I wanted to do something to combat all the negative images of our young girls. Not to mention, I feel it is our responsibility as black women to reach back and encourage, mentor and minister to our younger generation of girls.

Where do you see your career and Reel Beauty in the next five years?

In five years it is my goal to become an internationally known brand as a makeup artist and for Reel Beauty, Inc. As a make-up artist, I am currently working in the preliminary stages of launching a makeup line. As for Reel Beauty, which has launched already in Africa; I have hopes that this organization will launch in other countries transforming the lives of our girls.

What are five products every Savvy Sistah should have in her makeup bag?

    • Aqua Eyes Makeup Forever eyeliner in black
    • Lait-Creme Concentre by Embryolisse Moisturizer
    • Beauty Blender Makeup Sponge
    • Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm
    • Maybelline Great Lash Mascara in Very Black
What advice would you give to a Savvy Sistah who wants to become a makeup artist?

I would tell a Savvy Sistah she MUST be passionate about becoming a makeup artist. It is definitely a gift that one should embrace from GOD. In addition, due to the market being saturated with emerging artist, it is important to be unique and to have a pleasant personality. When you are kind and humble, people always remember YOU!

Why are you a Savvy Sistah?

I am a Savvy Sistah because I am a visionary, I am confident, I am extraordinary!!

Deida Massey, a Reel Beauty inside & out and the Savvy Sistah in the Spotlight!

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