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Cosmopolitan Magazine Doesn’t Know What Beauty Is!

cosmopolitan  magazine racist beauty articleGrowing up I always looked at fashion magazines ( what little girl didn’t) to see the latest trends and to live vicariously through the models on the pages…although many of the models never looked like me, I was ok with that because I just thought the women were beautiful and the clothes were awesome! 

However, it’s sad that in 2015 except for a magazine using their platform to showcase all women of beauty they decide to write an article that talks about “21 Beauty Trends that need to die or “RIP” in 2015″ and use Women of Color as the examples. To be honest, there is nothing wrong with using images to support the article, but out of 21 beauty trends not one Woman of Color outside of Nicole Ritchie is considered “Gorgeous”? I though Cosmo was suppose to be an industry leading publication?

 Supermodel Joan Smalls’ image was used in the article and she went to  Twitter to tell Cosmopolitan Magazine exactly how she felt:  joan smalls cosmopolitan magazine tweet  I’m not sure who approved of this article (trust me…many people say this before going to publication and the problem is, not one person felt that this would be insensitive to Women of Color) but this is one reason why racism is alive and well in America. I rarely see women of color on the cover of Cosmopolitan Magazine ( or any top fashion Magazine) or on the millions of pages inside…now I know why! 

 Ladies regardless of your race, culture, age, height, or weight you are gorgeous and you don’t need a magazine to tell you that! ~Savvy