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Amour Genesis Spokesmodel, Host, Star and Producer of The Glamorous Life Show

Savvy Sistah: Amour Genesis
Title: Spokesmodel, Host, Star and Producer of The Glamorous Life Show
Twitter: @AmourGenesis

I met Amour Genesis for the first time a few months ago when we both sat on a panel of extraordinary Chicago women featured on WVON’s The P. Withers Experience. The first thing that I noticed when we first greeted one another was that she had a keen fashion sense and a magnetic personality.

Amour Genesis has established herself on the Chicago fashion & entertainment scene as the host, star and producer of her talk show, The Glamorous Life Show. She has built a successful brand over the years with her entrepreneurship, beauty and fashion blogs, and spokesperson and brand ambassador work.

In addition to helping women all of ages worldwide embrace their true beauty, confidence, and most importantly love who they are; Amour Genesis has a passion for inspiring teen girls to pursue their dreams and reach for endless heights through her avid spokesperson and brand ambassador work, beauty and fashion media coverage, community relations involvement and charity work.

Amour Genesis firmly believes that all women should feel beautiful and love every part about themselves regardless of society’s standards or stereotypes of beauty and image and that’s why she is the Savvy Sistah of the Week!

What inspired you to create your brand Amour Genesis?

What inspired me to create the “Amour Genesis” brand was my mission to help empower women throughout the world and make a difference in our global society for the betterment and self-improvement of others. While I was attending my senior year of college at Loyola University I asked myself, what can I do to change the world and help others while still being successful in my talents?  My ultimate goal for the Amour Genesis brand is to empower and inspire others through my professional talents in hopes that women worldwide will be inspired and motivated to pursue their ambitions, increase their self-confidence and self-esteem and truly love being beautiful.

Is there a story behind the name Amour Genesis?

Yes, Genesis is the biological birth name given to me by my mother. In French, “Amour” means “love” and I included this in front of my name to represent my brand’s mission of loving yourself and being confident, while still tying in my appreciation for French seeing that I’m fluent in the language. By adding the word “Amour” in front of my name, I am inspiring women and teens across the world to love and embrace themselves more. Think of this as one of those daily reminders that we have to give ourselves to remind us of how special and loved we each are!

Why is branding so important to the female business woman?

I believe that branding is one of the most important things that any business professional can do for their identity, notoriety, and success of their organization. Branding is especially important for female business women because it gives us a voice and identifies who we are as professionals and women in business. I take pride in not only being a woman in business, but also a leading professional with a fully packaged brand, which places my industry work and involvement on a unique platform.

What has been the biggest obstacle that you have faced in your career?

The biggest obstacle that I have faced in my career is balancing my personal life while still maintaining my public figure life. Because I am a woman in the public eye, it’s sometimes challenging to balance and maintain both lifestyles, while still representing the image and persona that I do. However, despite these challenges, I always remember to be who I am and remain true to myself.

Where do you see your life and business in the next 5 years?

In the next five years, I see the Amour Genesis brand as a mega enterprise and leading international household name, respected by all and recognized worldwide. Not only will I be a worldwide Star and Public Figure, but will have a global audience and customer base fully engaged in my industry work, branded products and services and positive worldwide activism for the betterment of all.

In just 3 words… who is Amour Genesis?

Inspirational Public Figure


What advice would you give to other women who want to build a brand in the entertainment/fashion & beauty industry?

My advice to women who wish to build a career in the beauty/fashion and entertainment industry is to first and foremost remember to always respect and honor yourself as a woman. By practicing this, you will have the knowledge it takes to identify the power that you have as a woman, the self-guidance it takes to encourage you to make strong, sound business decisions, and the sincere passion and dedication it takes to inspire you to motivate others through their career endeavors.

My second piece of advice is to always remain confident, poised, tenacious and determined throughout the circumstances that you may encounter throughout your professional journey. At many times, we are faced with challenges during our careers, but as women we have to always remember to work twice as hard as our male counterparts and remain determined throughout the obstacles that we endure.

Why are you a Savvy Sistah?

I am the Savvy Sistah because I am a true advocate for profound business savviness, leadership and endless ambition.

Amour Genesis is using her entrepreneurial endeavors & media savviness to empower women & teens worldwide, by showing them how to embrace their true beauty and love who they are and that’s why she’s the Savvy Sistah of the Week!