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After Coachella, I’m Becoming a Beyonce Fan!

Beyonce Coachella 2018

I have to admit that although I’ve always liked Beyonce, I can’t say that I was a true hard core Beyonce fan.

No I wasn’t the…sing all the words to her songs, dance every sequence in her choreography, give my rent money to buy a ticket fan, but I just liked her. But after watching her perform last night via live stream at Coachella…something changed.

I saw a women giving the same energy from the beginning to the end of the show, I saw a woman who gave birth to twins and worked hard to get herself back on stage, I saw all the hours away from family and friends and sacrifices to truly see her dream come true, I saw a woman making history and opening doors to the future generation and I saw a woman who after years of fighting her way to the top is not apologizing for being Black.

She made me so proud last night and I have even more respect for her as an entertainer.

While everyone else is comparing other performers and trying to figure out who the best is…Beyoncé just proved just how far they all have to go to get to the top!

She is one of the best performers, singers, dancers, and entertainers of our time! All hail the Queen! ??


A fan!